Frequestly Asked Questions

You may also contact our customer support at our facebook page

Q: Where can I download the image files?
A: Image files can be downloaded at

Q: Where can I purchase a license?
A: Please visit our Lazada page at For vendo manufacturer's discounts, other mode of payments, please contact our customer support at our facebook page

Q: What hardwares are supported?
A: Currently we support Raspberry Pi3 B/B+ and Orange Pi One. (It also supports lower version of Raspberry Pi B version but not recommended)

Q: Is it stable in Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi?
A: Yes, we are going to a thorough quality assurance test before we release a new version to the public.

Q: Does the software includes a SD Card?
A: No, We only sell the software.

Q: What is the difference between EZ WiFi Vendo and other software?
A: We all have pros and cons, We suggest you try our software and the others before you decide to purchase but we can assure you for speed, security, durability and great user friendly design of our product.

Q: How many WiFi users the software support at the same time?
A: The software is designed to support many users at the same time. The real issue of limit here is within your Access Point/Router and your ISP Bandwidth. Better check your Access Point/Router manual.

Q: Do you have a trial period?
A: Yes, the trial period 15 days from the start of installation. The coin feature is disabled during the trial period, you can only use voucher during this time. All features will be unlocked when the product is activated.

Q: I forgot the admin password, I cannot login anymore?
A: To reset the admin password to default, simply connect the (Raspberry Pi Pin39 and Pin40) or (Orange Pi Pin13 and Pin14) for a very short period. Using the browser, open http://admin.localnet. Login using the default username/email = [email protected] and default password = admin

Q: What is the default username and password for admin?
A: username/email= [email protected] and the password = admin .

Q: What are the compatible brand/type of access point/WiFi router?
A: The software is compatible and known to work in any brand/model/types as long as the hardware supports bridge mode with its built in DHCP Server disabled.

Q: Is the license transferable?
A: No. We recommend using original high quality sd cards to avoid damage or corruption of data. If any case your sd card is proven to be broken then we will replace you with a new license.

Q: Can I limit the bandwidth?
A: Yes, you can limit the bandwidth of a customer (across the board). You can set the limits at the admin page.

Q: How can I access the Admin page?
A: 1. Connect to the Vendo WiFi network
2. Enter the admin password in the coupon code. (You can use the admin password as coupon. 2 hours will be credited to your time everytime you use the admin password as a coupon.)
3. On the bottom of the portal page, you will see "Admin IP", copy the ip address and open it in your browser. example:
4. The admin page will open, Login using the admin password. (default password = admin)
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