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Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 4 Image
Ver 2.0.2 Beta New Download Here
1. Added Voucher-on-Demand feature
2. Fixed bug on changing Built-in wifi SSID

Ver 1.0.68 Stable Download Here
Orange Pi One, Orange Pi PC Image
Ver 2.0.14 New Download Here
1. Bug fix for edit client when offline or on-paused
Ver 2.0.13

Added features:
-Can display date of voucher printed
-Added option to force expire unused vouchers
-Added logout button on Voucher on Demand Page

Fixed bugs:
-Fixed Indonesian timezone bug

Ver 2.0.12

1. Added Voucher-on-Demand feature

Ver 2.0.11

1. Faster captive portal popup
2. Everything in portal should be faster including insert coin/done paying
3. User friendly error messages
4. Bug fix "Update failed" message when machine is restarted while updating
5. Credit expiry is visible to the portal page
6. Fixed sorting on Clients admin page
7. Fixed Classic theme with carousel

Ver 2.0.8

Bug Fixed:
-Expired credits not cleared in the routing table therefore still gain access to internet. 

Added Feature:
-Automatically pause clients when disconnected to the network.
This feature can also be enabled/disabled in the admin page -> vendo settings.
[REMINDER] Make sure you turn off "Auto resume time when paused" when you use this feature.

Ver 2.0.6

Bug Fixed:
-Editing client's credit/expiration
-Uploading MP3 for portal background music and custom voiceover
-Custom icon images not displaying in portal

Ver 2.0.4

Added toggle (ON/OFF) on the following features:
-Disable Insert Coin
-Hide "Insert Coin @ Main"
-Disable Voucher
-Hide Admin IP
-Hide Admin Button
-Hide MAC
-Hide My IP
-Pause all active clients on reboot

Bug Fixed on GUI
-calendar font color
-theme bug

Added BLUE theme

Ver 2.0.1

Added Features:
0. Using Version 2 License with new policy
1. Credits expiration
2. Voucher expiration
3. Voucher pause limit
4. All clients status set to "Paused" if machine is restarted/rebooted
5. 1 day free trial without license using the full features of the software
6. Added button to delete used vouchers

Bugs Fixed:
0. Fixed Random MAC No internet but with credits

Version 2 License Policies:
0. License is revocable by the owner.
1. License is transferable (From seller to buyer using accounts)
2. License is perpetual. No expiration
3. License can be cancelled anytime only by EZ WIFI ADMIN in the event of hacking, reverse engineering, duplication of codes, unauthorized reselling, thief, non-payment

You can signup for an account at to manage your V2 licenses.

Old licenses are not valid for V2 at the moment.
Ver 1.0.78 Download Here

Ver 1.0.78
-added support for USB to LAN with ASIX Chipsets

Ver 1.0.77
-relay pin is variable, it is not fixed to pin5
-captive portal detection for all phone old and new
-captive portal shows up even without internet connection but shows offline status
-enhanced admin page GUI for mobile phones
-added classic theme where portal banner images are visible
-fixed bug on Indonesian currency

Orange Pi 5
Ver 2.0.0 New Download Here
EZ WiFi Vendo Version 2 for Orange Pi 5 Official Release
Installation using SDCARD:
Follow these steps to install using an SDCARD:

1. Download the EZ WiFi image file from this link: [EZ WiFi Image](
2. Unzip the downloaded file to your desktop.
3. Get the Win32DiskImager app and use it to burn the EZ WiFi image file onto your micro SDCard using a micro SDCard to USB adapter.
4. Insert the micro SDCard into your Orange Pi 5 and power it on.

Installation using NVME:
Please note that you'll still need to use a micro SDCard for this installation. Follow these steps:

1. Open the Orange Pi Ubuntu download page in your Google Chrome Browser using this link: [Orange Pi Ubuntu Download](
2. Download the file named "Orangepi5_1.1.6_ubuntu_jammy_server_linux5.10.110.7z".
3. Unzip the downloaded file to your desktop.
4. Use the Win32DiskImager Windows App to burn the Orange Pi Ubuntu image file onto your micro SDCard using a micro SDCard to USB adapter.
5. Insert the micro SDCard into your Orange Pi 5.
6. Connect a monitor or TV to the HDMI port of your Orange Pi 5.
7. Connect a keyboard to the USB port of your Orange Pi 5.
8. Power up your Orange Pi 5.
9. Wait for the boot-up process to complete. You'll reach the command prompt. Type "sudo su" and hit enter. If prompted for a password, enter "orangepi" and hit enter.
10. Type "orangepi-config" and press enter.
11. Select "System and Security Settings" and press enter.
12. Choose "Install/Update Boot Loader" and press enter.
13. Select "Boot from SPI - System on SATA, USB or NVME" and press OK.
14. Choose "Install/Update the Bootloader on SPI Flash" and press enter.
15. When prompted, select YES and press enter.
16. Wait for a few minutes (approximately 5 minutes).
17. Press escape to exit all menus and shut down the system.
18. Type "shutdown -h now" and press enter.
19. Download the EZ WiFi image file from this link: [EZ WiFi Image](
20. Unzip the downloaded file to your desktop.
21. Use the Win32DiskImager app to burn the EZ WiFi image file onto your micro SDCard using a micro SDCard to USB adapter.
22. Using the Win32DiskImager app, burn the EZ WiFi image to your NVME using an NVME to USB adapter.
23. Insert the NVME into the NVME slot at the back of the Orange Pi 5. Connect the USB to LAN (if not using VLAN), connect the RJ45 Network Cable, remove the micro SD Card, disconnect the monitor and keyboard, and power on your Orange Pi 5.

** The red LED light on the board will blink during normal operation.
** Default VLAN ID: 88
** Note that Orange Pi 5 does not support a direct coin slot connection. To use a coin slot, you should refer to the EZ WiFi Remote Coin Slot information available here: [EZ WiFi Remote Coin Slot]( Download the "" file, unzip it, and read the "readme.txt" file for further instructions.

RockPi-S Image
Ver 1.0.67 Stable Download Here
ESP32 Firmware/Driver For Remote Coin Slot
RCS Firmware Ver 2.0 (For OPi5 , RasPi4 V2 Software) Download Here
RCS Firmware Ver 1.2 BETA (For Opi One/PC, RasPi3/4) Download Here
ESP32 Driver for Win 10 Download Here

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